Management Team

Sanjit Narwekar - Ceo

With more than two decades of experience with Manufacturing and Information Technology industries, Sanjit provides strategic leadership as CEO. With a deep understanding of the needs of the industry in the new economy and passion for education and relevant skill development in children, Sanjit has assembled a team of experts to design a curriculum that will prepare today's youth for tomorrow's challenges.

Sanjit holds an Engineering Degree in Production and has lived and worked at senior management positions in global IT companies in Europe, UK, South Africa and USA.

Pankaj Kulkarni - Director Operations

As Director Operations, Pankaj contributes more than 10 years of experience in Project and Operations Management. Pankaj holds a B.Techand an M.Tech and is passionate about igniting the love of Science and Math in children.
Prior to her work at Viventium, Pankaj managed multiple international projects and operations for premier Indian and International IT Majors and strongly believes in the enduring impact of experiential education from doing projects.

Shilpa Narwekar - Director Training

Graduated with Bachelor's in Instrumentation Engineering and worked in Process Control, Information Technology and Teaching fields before realizing that she wanted to have a greater impact on today's society.
Shilpa has taught over 400 children with the products that we use and has the ability to quickly connect with children of all backgrounds and to know what the children need in order to learn and have fun.
Shilpa has a passion to ensure that the children understand the concepts, develop a love of the subject and the ability to 'self-learn'. Towards this purpose, Shilpa attends educational conferences to gather the best teaching aids and unconventional learning methodologies to use with children.

Advisors and Partners

Sunil Shah -

Sunil is a Chartered Accountant and a seasoned entrepreneur in Education. Founder and CEO of Gurukul.Com Ltd. and F.A.C.T. Sunil has helped thousands of students realize their dreams of quality higher education. Sunil is passionate about ensuring that children are equipped with the skills they will need to succeed in the international arena. Sunil helps Viventium with strategies and identification of market needs.

Nitin Pangam -

Nitin is an MBA and an advisor to multiple economic development organizations in the world. Nitin has also been a serial entrepreneur and is presently the Managing Director of Maeflower Consulting. Through his work with international agencies, Nitin has developed a keen insight on what is needed to be done at a macro level for countries and societies to be economically successful. Nitin's input and advise on the elements that need to be incorporated into Viventium's pedagogy are crucial to ensure we meet the real needs of children in the 21st Century.

Nachiket Khasnis -

Nachiket is an Engineer and works for one of the world's largest automakers in the field of engine design. Nachiket is also an accomplished and award winning artiste in the amateur theater field. Nachiket is passionate about using theater as a medium to teach 21st Century Life Skills to children.

Dr. Howard Esbin -

Howard is an education entrepreneur from Canada and has created 'Prelude', an award winning, research validated product to accelerate team building and instill the concepts of creativity, collaboration and dealing with diversity in children. Howard is a keen student of Indian philosophies especially around 'imagination' and is currently working on a book on this topic.