"Persuasion and advocacy are skills that are critically lacking in the Indian corporate world at the Junior to Mid Management Levels and companies have to invest significant amounts of time, effort and money to groom the junior and middle management in these skills before considering them for Senior Management and Top Management positions. I have experienced the benefits of Viventium Learning's  'Design and Do - Computer Animation and Games Module' after my daughter attended a pilot of this program. I have closely interacted with the Viventium Learning team during the design and pilot phases of their program and I am happy so say that it is a step in the right direction and will prepare young talent for the needs of business life."
CIO and SBU Head of a large Indian Corporate

"In the end of 2011, I was approached bys   Viventium Learning's  to participate in a pilot of their innovative program to instill Life Skill needed for Entrepreneural and Business Success in young learners. I am very enthusiastic about this program because the Viventium Team has taken a lot of care to take inputs from a broad spectrum of Industry Leaders, Educators and Parents to create a program that meets a serious need in the management world."
Chairman and MD of a well
known Management Consulting
company in India.