Joy of Science and Math

The key 21st Century Skills of Critical Thinking and Learning and Learn and Unlearn are the focus areas of the Joy of Science and Math program. The current focus in schools is to teach 'Science Facts'. The 'Science Facts' change, and will change at a faster pace in the 21st century. We seek to change the focus from teaching 'science facts' to teaching the scientific way of thinking.

The Joy of Science and Math program uses the proven 'Case Study Based' or 'Project Based Learning' to trigger curiosity in children's minds and take them on a path of 'Inquiry' to assess and present their reasoning in front of their classmates.

The program uses case studies created by Viventium Learning.

Every session is broken up into the following activity:

  1. 1. Create : Create a 'Toy' as a team
  2. 2. Play :Play with the 'Toys' created by your team and other and solve problems or improvise
  3. 3. Share : Share your analysis of the principles of Science or Maths behind your creation of last week . The 'Sharing' requires careful preparation and thinking and is done over a week by students on their own.
  4. 4. Reflect : All the class 'reflects' about the presentations made all the groups and tries to choose the best 'solution' or 'explanation'. This activity is summarized in the end by the instructor pointing out the correct answer and any logical fallacies in the arguments presented by the children's groups.