Viventium offers a fun and interactive educational environment to build confidence through experience and self-learning.

With programming designed by educators, children are challenged to apply knowledge from core school curricula.

Children must work together to brainstorm, to build creative solutions to complex problems using research validated tools and products.

A 21st century skills development organization

Viventium encourages children to explore their world by providing anexperience based approach to learning 21st Century Life Skills through designing and doing projects.

Viventium Learning launches an innovative program to immerse students in the Life Skills learning experience using the 'Learning-by-designing-and-doing' methodology. viventium

The module uses Computer Programming to get students to quickly work on their own to create various types of projects! The module is run in a small batch size of just 15-20 students.

This 50 hour vacation program runs for 4 weeks. Call for other dates and schedules. Vacation batches start from April 10th 2014 in Park Street, Wakad Pune.


Children learn to think critically, innovate and work with abstract ideas using their imaginations by thinking about a stimulating 'Question' or assignment..


Children gain experiences in collaboration, problem solving and dealing with diverse opinions by 'Creating' their ideas, by planning, sharing and doing the activities needed to finish their 'project'.


Children learn to solve problems as they 'Play' with their creations and have fun improvising their ideas.


Children learn to communicate effectively while 'Sharing' by presenting / performing their creations to other classmates and parents